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Product Info Sheet
Manufacturer: Audemous, Inc
A Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business

What is FrogLube®?
FrogLube is a specially formulated biobased lubricant and cleaner designed for use in modern firearms. It was developed by former and active US Navy SEALs for use in and around the water and extreme environmentals

Product attributes:

  • Non Toxic
  • Non Flammable
  • Petroleum Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe of plastics/paints/urethane
  • People safe
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-oxidant

How does FrogLube work? FrogLube is applied to the firearm using traditional weapons cleaning tools. The product cleans surface fouling and dissolves carbon on contact. It absorbs into the material it is applied to. It forms a strong bond with metal and polymers and lubricates and protects against corrosion and oxidation. It smoothes surface imperfections and eliminates galling between metal-to- metal contact areas. What results should you expect? FrogLube will eliminate the baked on fouling produced by hydrocarbon-based products. Fouling will simply wipe off with a towel. It will prevent jams and malfunctions due to fouling.

  • Extend service life of firearms
  • Improve accuracy and consistency
  • Drastically reduce cleaning time/effort
  • Eliminate HAZMAT
  • Prevent Jams/malfunctions
  • Prevent corrosion

Appearance: Paste; pliable to touch or Liquid; about the viscosity of 30w oil Colour: Light Green, varies, seasonal all natural ingredients
Odor: wintergreen, pleasant
Flash point: approx 700F
Specific Gravity: .8659 P, .8651 L
Lubricity: ASTM D5183; pass NO FAIL Biobased content: ASTM D6886; 98% mean Dielectric Values for Frog Lube Paste
Eì Dielectric Constant 2.69
Evaporation Loss, 22 Hours @150 C =.19% Evaporation Loss, 6.5 hours @ 205 C = 3.8% Dielectric Values for Frog Lube Liquid
Eì Dielectric Constant 2.34
Evaporation Loss, 22 Hours @150 C =.9% Evaporation Loss, 6.5 hours @ 205 C = 6.5%

FrogLube Maintenance

Spedizione gratuita con spesa superiore ai 150 euro

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